Monday, April 7, 2014

Live Easter Grass

Bring in the Spring!

Easter Grass Centerpiece
Hi friends!  This time every year I love growing Easter Grass for gorgeous centerpieces on Spring tables.  It is so easy to grow and so fun for kids too.  We have loved doing this every spring since my oldest child was a little tyke.  So when it's still cold outside and you are yearning for a little sunshine and green grass, bring Spring inside!  You and the kids will love watching the grass grow!  A fun idea is to place Easter eggs, figurines or chocolate rabbits (in wrappers or packaging) on the wheat grass just after if sprouts.  The grass will grow up around it, making it look like a secret garden has grown around the egg!  Or just let the grass grow wild. These make adorable center pieces and are perfect for Easter.  There are so many fun ways to display the Easter Grass depending on the container you use.  Be creative!

What You'll Need to Grow Live Easter Grass

Empty decorative pot or container that is leak proof
(If you are using an Easter Basket, line it with plastic wrap to make it leak proof)
bag of VERMICULITE from the florist shop or nursery
(this is what The Little Red Hen would grind into flour, you may have some in your food storage)


One week before Easter, line the sides and bottom of the basket or container that you want to grow grass in with plastic wrap, unless the container is already leak proof.  Pour vermiculite in up to TWO INCHES BELOW THE RIM.  

Sprinkle a layer of wheat over the vermiculite.  Slowly, pour water into the basket or container until it is BARELY visible beneath the wheat.  There will be no need to water it again. 

  Place a piece of plastic wrap loosely over the top of the wheat.  Place basket in a sunny spot, like on a window sill, but not in direct sunlight. 

 After 2 days the wheat will begin to sprout and grow.  Remove the plastic wrap when grass is 1/2 inch tall.  At this point you could place an egg on top of the grass, and the grass will grow up around the egg.  Easter Grass will be grown within a week. 

  After grass has grown you may want to spray grass with a spray bottle of water when it starts wilting.  After grass has grown you can move your centerpiece from the sunny spot and place it anywhere you like.   Hope you enjoy Easter Grass at your home this year!

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