Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cozumel, Mexico

         Intercontinental Presidente Resort at Cozumel
                     We had a fantastic time in Cozumel and absolutely loved this resort!  
                                     Here's a little taste of our time on Cozumel...


The Virgin Miami Vice, a cross between a pina colada and a strawberry daiquiri, has become my new favorite!

This is the open-air dining pavilion, right on the ocean front.  It's an amazing structure with a dried palm tree leaf roof.  A talented native Mexican guitarist would play every evening, under the pavilion to our enjoyment. There are some fantastic chefs at this restaurant.  We loved the menu and enjoyed some delicious breakfasts here as well.  But we especially enjoyed dining here beside the ocean every evening.

The staff was is great!  Here's a guy cutting open a coconut for me!

 I fell in love with this light and healthy coconut water! 

Take scuba lessons, snorkel, jet ski, or paddle board right on the beach. This is a perfect beach for little kids!  

The Town of Cozumel, is a quick drive from the hotel.  It's a fun and colorful place to walk around and window shop.  We ate at a local favorite, Los Otates, where they make some awesome street tacos.


 The local school children were so cute in their uniforms walking home from school.  This little girl let me take her picture.

                                                                           Raw Cacao Beans

We came upon this fun little Chocolate Shop while walking around Cozumel.  Here they grind their own cacao beans to create these delicious Mexican chocolates.  We enjoyed sampling their beautiful chocolates and ended up coming home with some real cacao beans to show the kids.  Can't wait to grind my cacao beans and make some Mexican brownies, Mexican hot chocolate...

                                                           Pretty Mexican Pastries

                                      Punta Sur State Park, Cozumel, Mexico
This is a beautiful and rugged area.  On the tip of this island you feel like Tom Hanks in Cast Away.  Looking out to the ocean, you feel like you're on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean!   Here there is a natural crocodile lagoon of American crocodiles, but don't be afraid they stay in the lagoon during the day and only come out onto the beach at night!  We took a boat ride in the lagoon and were able to see several large crocodiles.  We had a snorkel guide swim us out to a beautiful reef with an amazing forest of corals, beautiful fish, conch, star fish, and rays. A nearby light house climb offers amazing ocean views. 

                                                                   Adios Cozumel!

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