Saturday, March 29, 2014

DIY Water Balloon Flip Flops!

Easy and Fun DIY Water Balloon Flip Flops!

Simply tie water balloons in a knot around the flip flop straps!  We liked the rainbow color pattern... Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. Be creative and have fun! 

For my daughters birthday this year we made these bright and fun flip flops at the party. The girls all had a fun time making them and they can't wait to wear them to school on the same day!  We got this idea from my niece who made these at a party a few years ago.  We thought they were so cute that we wanted to try them at our party this year.  We bought black flip flops for every girl from Old Navy, for $2.50 a pair.  I would recommend going a size larger in flip flops.  We bought 3 packs of 500 water balloons and had plenty of water balloons left over, perfect for a water balloon fight!

What you'll need:

8 pair flip flops in every one's sizes   
1,500 water balloons
8 girls to tie the water balloons onto the flip flops! we come!


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