Saturday, March 22, 2014

Family Photo Printing at Staples/ "Draftsmen Prints"

When I was a kid, my dad, an architect, would bring home rolls of outdated blue prints, from the office.  I used the backside of the blue prints for countless art projects and drawing projects of all kinds.  I even used them for art paper in college while getting my art degree, that is until one professor told me to get some "real" art paper!  What I love about blue prints or draftmen's paper is the SIZE!  So I was excited to find out from my friend Tracy Laverty, (at ) that Staples office supply store will print your photos on draftsman's paper for a fraction of the price of a regular photo of similar size.  It's such a great and inexpensive way to display the photos you love!  I had these prints made recently at Staples for just a few dollars each.   Just take your photos in on a disk or thumb drive and they will print them off for you in a matter of minutes!  I love these prints I had done at Staples of my children!  The draftsman prints come in a few different sizes, are black and white, and are all draftsman print quality paper, which is on the thin side. These prints are a 36 X 24 inch size.  In the photo below, I have cut the print to fit a frame.  Next time you need a big print for a fun project....check out what Staples has to offer!

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