Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pumpkin Gnocchi with Portabello Mushrooms and Peppers

Pumpkin Gnocchi
with Portabello and Peppers in Balsamic Glaze

On a great ski day with friends at the Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah we took a break for lunch at the Lookout Cabin Restaurant located at the top of the resort.  We had this amazing goat cheese gnocchi tossed over a whole sautéed Portabello mushroom and topped with sautéed peppers.  I found my muse!  My husband and I loved this meal so much I recreated this entrée for dinner the next night.  This gnocchi recipe will make enough for a few meals. Simply freeze gnocchi to boil and brown for another meal.   

Pumpkin Gnocchi:
15 ounces canned pumpkin puree, or 1 2/3 cup fresh pumpkin puree
15 ounces ricotta or goat cheese
¾ cup fine bread crumbs
1 ½ cups flour
1 teaspoon nutmeg
2 eggs, beaten
1 teaspoon coarse salt
¼ teaspoon pepper

In large bowl mix bread crumbs, flour, nutmeg, salt and pepper until thoroughly combined.   In bowl of food processor puree pumpkin and ricotta until smooth.  Add eggs and pulse until combined. Add bread crumb mixture and pulse until combined.  On counter top, pour 2 cups of flour, pour a big scoop of pumpkin gnocchi mixture onto flour.  Knead for a minute, until a nice dough forms.  Add more flour to counter top as needed.  Repeat process with the remaining pumpkin gnocchi mixture.  With your hands, roll out into a log, approximately 3/4 inch thick. Cut logs into ½ inch pieces.  Transfer gnocchi pieces onto a floured baking sheet and freeze for at least 20 minutes.  While gnocchi freezes roast vegetables and make Balsamic Glaze.  Bring medium pot of water to a boil, adding a little salt and oil.  Add desired amount of frozen gnocchi (usually 4-7 gnocchi per person) and lower heat so water does not boil again.  Cook gnocchi for 3 minutes or until it floats to the top.  With a slotted spoon remove gnocchi to a platter.  In large nonstick pan melt 1 tablespoon butter.  Sauté gnocchi on medium- heat until lightly browned, about 2-5 minutes.  Freeze any uncooked gnocchi in a zip lock freezer bag, for another meal.

Roasted Vegetables:
4 Portabello mushrooms, whole
3-4 red and yellow bell peppers, thinly sliced 
1 red onion, halved then thinly sliced
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/4 head Napa Cabbage thinly sliced

On a rimmed baking sheet, toss mushrooms, peppers, onion, garlic and cabbage with half of the Balsamic Glaze. Spread out in an even layer.  Place mushrooms facing down on top of other vegetables.  Roast at 450 degrees for 15 minutes.  Add browned gnocchi to the vegetables on while still on baking sheet and toss gently.  Add more glaze if needed.   Serve immediately with some crusty bread.

Balsamic Glaze:

4 1/2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

2 teaspoon honey

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon fresh ground pepper

1/3 cup plus 2 tablespoons olive oil

Combine vinegar, honey, salt and pepper in a small bowl.  Whisk in olive oil until glaze has emulsified.  Divide glaze in half.  Toss vegetables with half of the glaze and reserve the remaining glaze for drizzling over finished entree. 

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